Friday, August 03, 2007

Wyman Gordon Parcel

This parcel consists of 17 acres right off Route 290 and 146. Three years ago, Feldco Development emerged with conceptual plans to turn the site into a $55 million mix of retail, office and residential components. Feldco wanted to model the site after Eagle Square, a development it did in Providence.

The only thing that was needed was a zoning change from manufacturing to business-general, BG-6, in order to build a $55 million complex of shops, offices and condominiums. The Worcester Planning Board rejected the zone change, Feldco left and the parcel remains vacant.

This is exactly when a District Councilor is suppose to use their influences to make a zone change like this a reality and attract developments to District 4. Please note the link to another project on Eagle Street above right from another group called Urban Smart Growth LLC. Check out the projects that they have done around the country. These are the types of companies that we should be bringing to District 4, like Feldco, not turning them away by not getting a zone change.